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Free Shipping On Orders Over $100

Thanks for visiting us at Dogwood Hills Cattle Company – a different kind of cattle company. Our primary goal is to get the best product to you in the best way possible. With that goal in mind we have set up processes to handle our beef in a way that gets your order to you in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.
We ship so our products arrive Tuesdays thru Fridays. We ship on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays every week.  We do this so your dry aged beef arrives in excellent condition. Should you have a beef emergency and require faster shipping, please contact us.
Your beef will come to you in a specially designed cooler-style shipping box. We also pack your order with special freezer packs and bio-degradable insulation to keep it cold and safe during shipment. If your beef should thaw during shipment – don’t worry. As long as it’s cold or cool to the touch then it is still safe and should be refrozen immediately without impacting the safety or flavor of your beef. Your beef is flash frozen and vacuum sealed to ensure freshness. It should last 6 months or longer in your freezer with no degradation in flavor or tenderness.
If your order is $100 or more and you're shipping to anywhere in our 3 day shipping zones your shipping is free (that’s the yellow brown and green on the map). If you don’t make the $100 order minimum for shipping you will be charged a $20 shipping fee. Our hope is to make our shipping policy as clear and easy to understand for our customers.
For orders in zones 4-5 we have to upgrade the shipping service for faster delivery in order to get your beef to you in the best condition (that’s the dark brown and orange on the map). So you’ll get charged an additional fee to facilitate a faster delivery time. If you’re in one of these zones you’ll see that charge at checkout.
Here’s a quick list to give you an idea of when you should expect your order. These delivery estimates are based on our experience with our shippers. You will receive a tracking number from us once your beef is shipped so you can track your package specifically.
Order before 3:00 pm CST on a MONDAY and your order should arrive on THURSDAY of the same week. 
Order before 3:00 pm CST on a TUESDAY and your order should arrive on FRIDAY of the same week. 
Order anytime on WEDNESDAY through SUNDAY and your order will be shipped the FOLLOWING MONDAY.
A few examples......
Sara placed an order for a Dogwood Hills Cattle Company Family Package on Tuesday March 1st at 10:00am. Her order should be shipped out on the same day and should arrive at her home on Friday March 4th.
Mitchell ordered a Dogwood Hills Cattle Company Premium Package for the Memorial Day weekend. He placed his order on Wednesday morning May 12th. His order would ship on Monday the 17th and should arrive on May 20th in plenty of time for the long weekend!
Doug wanted to cook his family a Sirloin Tip Roast for Mom's birthday. He placed his order online on Friday March 4th. The order would ship on Monday March 7th and should arrive at his house on March 10th.

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