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Dogwood Hills Cattle Company : Our Philosophy

We're a different kind of cattle company:

Farm Life, City Life. One of the things we love about living in farm country is not only access to great tasting food, but food grown with passion, caring, tenderness and love. We know where it comes from, who grew it and how. We lived for many years in a major city and finding farm fresh, in-season vegetables was a challenge. Forget about finding a local cattle farmer. While I was lucky enough to spend a lot of my childhood on our farm, with the farms of family and friends nearby... for most of the people I knew in the city, that experience was entirely foreign. Connection to one’s food, the people who grew it and the way in which it was raised was unfathomable.

A Better Way. We are grounded in the belief that it’s vital to know who grows your food and how it’s raised; this shouldn’t be a luxury.

That’s where we come in. We want to be your local farmer. We’re not a high-volume retailer. In fact, we strive to be just the opposite, believing that small is the new big. From start to finish we do this small, with people we know and trust. Even our processing facility is family owned.

A Word about Weight. You may notice our beef cuts are not cut to exact sizes. Our cows aren’t cookie cutter and neither is the meat they produce. If the sirloin is 14oz rather than 12oz why would we cut it down to size? When you order from us you’ll notice small or large options, rather than specific weight. That just makes sense to us. And so we’ll do our best to give you weight approximations so you know what you are getting, but we want you to enjoy these cuts naturally.

Contact Us. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. If you receive a cut of beef that does not meet your expectations, we want to hear about it. We stand by our beef and its promise to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.


Your health:  Why is our beef better?

With our beef, what you see is what you get, but what’s more important is what you don’t get.

We are committed to beef raised with:

• NO Antibiotics
• NO Hormones
• NO Stimulants
• NO Ionophores
• NO Animal Bi-products (All-vegetarian diet)

With Dogwood Hills Cattle Company, you enjoy the health benefits of beef raised on a natural grass diet, with the superior taste and familiarity a combination grass/grain finishing guarantees.


Our cows: Why are humane practices so important?

While cows are in our care, they are treated with dignity and respect. If we’re going to eat them does that really matter? We believe it does. Cows raised under humane conditions are relaxed and peaceful. Not only is this better for them, it means they release fewer stress hormones that can damage the flavor of the finished product. Happy cows means delicious beef.


Our land:  What is the impact of sustainable farming?

As a family farm we practice responsible, sustainable farming. While we know it’s better for the planet we also know that this land is our land—it’s our life and our passion. Thus sustainable farming isn’t just a buzzword, we do it because it makes sense. If we don’t take care of the land it won’t support us in the future; it won’t be available for our children and their children.


Why is buying your food from small farms better?

When you support small farmers and producers, you are supporting families and promoting communities. For example, we donate 10-15 percent of our beef to local food kitchens; when you buy from Dogwood Hills Cattle Company, your purchase goes beyond the superior beef that you receive. Your food dollars give back.


Tenderness and taste: Why dry aging?

Dry aging is the pinnacle in great steak! If you've ever tasted a steak in any of the great steak houses around the world it's almost certainly been dry aged. Yes, it's costly and time consuming, but it's the special thing that brings out the finest in taste and quality--and we dry age all of our beef.

What is dry aging? Dry aging is the process of aging beef in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. This allows the collagen and other tissues to break down, tenderizing the meat, while water content is reduced, making the finished product incomparably tender with a rich, beefy flavor. Once you’ve had one of our dry aged steaks you’ll never go back to grocery store beef.


Quality from start to finish.

This isn’t your grocery store beef! We are committed to our process and proud of our product. Realizing that in many areas of the country there is no local access to responsibly raised meat, Dogwood Hills Cattle Company seeks to be that resource, allowing you to buy superior quality dry aged beef from anywhere in the country.